Bungalows – who needs them?

The latest statistics from the NHBC ,which covers around 80 per cent of all new homes built in the UK, shows that just 1 in every 70 new registrations in 2016 was for a bungalow. Does this imply a lack of demand or are there some other factors at work? Clearly this position is at odds with a 2002 survey that showed that bungalows were the single most popular type of home in the UK.

The trend is quite clear with, as recently as in the 1980s, approximately one in six properties being built being a bungalow. We are constantly reminded that we have an ageing population that would welcome this choice of accommodation for many reasons and the demise of the new-build bungalow is something that we feel needs to be addressed.

Some of this demand is being met by retirement flats but this will not be everybody’s cup of tea. So, is the market being driven by what the housebuilders dictate for their bottom lines rather than by what property buyers would opt for?

Our view at MYTY Homes is that there is a clear need to provide the option in the marketplace of living in a modern, low maintenance property with its own driveway, front door and privacy. Communal-style living isn’t for everybody and we will continue to incorporate bungalow provision into our sites where this is possible.

Our current development at Tafarn Y Piod offers a detached 3-bedroomed bungalow and plans for a future development in the centre of Pontarddulais have been based around offering 8 bungalows out of a total of 20 units. Whilst there is some way to go to get these to market our intent is clear to meet this market gap.

Bungalows remain hot property.